The great structure stands, silently but eloquently beckoning us on towards a higher and more spiritual plane of living. —Mary Baker Eddy My. 46:3-5

This church, like many other churches of the denomination, had its start in the healing of one individual.  A prominent businessman had suffered for some years and was unable to be cured by his physicians.  On a business trip, he became acquainted with Christian Science and was healed.  His restored health caused his friends and neighbors to ask questions with the result that on Sunday afternoons these inquirers met at his home to read the weekly Bible Lesson Sermon citations using the King James Bible and “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy, author and founder of the denomination.

The informal meetings and services continued until March 1898 when a store was leased and furnished as a Chapel and a Reading Room. Six months later the group organized as a church also holding Wednesday evening testimony meetings and Sunday School classes. In May 1900 the present lot on the Northeast corner of Engle and Spring Streets was purchased and the church was incorporated under the State laws the same year.
On January 1901, the corner stone was laid, and the building was ready for services in July. The mortgage was canceled in September 1903, enabling the church to be dedicated on October 18th.  Since that time the church has enlarged its borders, building extensions for the Sunday School and providing a wing for the Reading Room.